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How do I join?

Just click here and follow the instructions on the sign up page. If you have any problems, drop us a call or message on 07920 689248 or email and we’ll get you sorted.

Is there a contract or joining fee?

No, there is no joining fee, no contract, no hidden charges or cancellation fees. 

I don't think I’m fit enough or I haven't exercised in long time?

Please don't worry, we cater to all abilities. We want you to have a productive workout, but also to enjoy it at the same time. Sign up for a free session and see how you get on!

What’s the minimum age to join?

The minimum age for membership is 16.

Do you offer any discount for students or public services?

Yes! CR fitness offers a concessionary rate for students, public services and those 60+. Drop us an email on or message us on 07920 689248 to find out more.

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